February 8, 2021: University of Minnesota Completes Testing for BioSafe Distributors Aqueous Ozone Solution Against Swine Related Viruses



February 8, 2021 – (BUSINESS WIRE) The University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine has completed testing of BioSafe Distributors Aqueous Ozone Water Solution and its ability to inactivate two swine-related viruses. The results show BioSafe Distributors AO Water to have disinfectant activity on porous and nonporous surfaces of 2 logs or >99% against PEDv (porcine epidemic diarrhea virus) and PRRSv (porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus) within one minute of exposure.

BioSafe Distributors is expanding its customer base throughout the agriculture industry with its AO Water technology – a device that connects to any municipal water supply and oxidizes the water to form high concentrations of O3 (ozone) molecules. The additional oxygen atoms makes ozone a powerful oxidant that inactivates harmful viruses such as PEDv and PRRSv.

According to the USDA, PEDv is a coronavirus that affects swine, causing diarrhea and vomiting, and death of 50-100 percent of infected piglets. Adult pigs can become infected but generally do not have mortality. Despite federal, state, and industry actions since the May 2013 confirmation of the virus’ presence in the U.S., PEDv has persisted and spread, and now has been detected in 27 states. PRRSv is an enveloped, single-stranded RNA virus that causes a decrease in reproductive performance in breeding animals and respiratory disease in pigs of any age. The PRRS virus is the most economically significant disease affecting U.S. swine production.

Mike Hanafan, President of BioSafe Distributors, LLC states, “We’re very excited about the results of the testing from the University of Minnesota and what we believe is the effectiveness of our Aqueous Ozone Water on both PEDv and PRRSv. Moreover, we understand the potential impact our oxidized water product can have on the porcine industry in an effort to eradicate these two viruses.”


The testing was conducted at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine by study director Sagar M. Goyal, PhD, a microbiologist in the Department of Veterinary Population Medicine. Pathogen testing on PEDv and PRRSv was completed on stainless steel, a hard, nonporous surface and cardboard, a porous surface. The effects of the BioSafe Distributors AO Water on the two viruses were measured at 0, 1, 2, and 3 minutes exposure time. The inactivation of PEDv on stainless steel at one minute time exposure was 99.87% and on cardboard at one minute time exposure was 99.63%. The inactivation of PRRSv on stainless steel at one minute time exposure was 99.46% and on cardboard at one minute time exposure was 99.53%.

About the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine:

Established in 1947, the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine is fully accredited with over 4,000 graduated veterinarians. The College includes the Veterinary Medical Center, the Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, the Leatherdale Equine Center, and the Raptor Center. In addition to educating veterinarians and biomedical scientists, the College discovers new knowledge and cutting-edge skills that improve the health of animals, humans, and the environment. The College’s faculty and staff are nationally and internationally recognized for teaching and research excellence including signature research in infectious disease, genomics, comparative medicine, raptor conservation, public health, epidemiology, dairy, swine, and avian medicine.

About BioSafe Distributors:

BioSafe Distributors began with a passion for creating products that exceed industry efficacy standards without the use of chemicals. Through the offering of highly effective, yet safe alternatives to disinfecting, sanitizing, and general cleaning we have become the supplier of choice to customers in industries/markets such as Hospitality, Education, Commercial Real Estate, Fitness/Health, Public Transportation, Municipal Governments, Food Retail and Distribution, Religious Organizations, Commercial Cleaning/Janitorial, and Healthcare. BioSafe Distributors has grown in just a few years from a regional focus to a supplier of green products in over 20 states in the U.S. including Alaska and to several countries abroad.

Unrelated to the University of Minnesota testing, BioSafe Distributors product offerings include a Biological Fogging solution that utilizes NEW biocidal technology by neutralizing over 300 viruses, bacteria, allergens, molds, spores, and fungi that are both airborne or on any surface. The “Gold Standard” for environmental hygiene programs, BioSafe Distributors Biological Fogging process eliminates >7 log or 99.99999% reduction of over 300 viruses, bacteria, molds, spores, and fungi including SARS-CoV-2; the virus that causes COVID-19.

BioSafe Distributors products also include Aqueous Ozone Water Technology which utilizes a patented process of converting municipal water into a powerful contaminant-removing, bacteria-killing agent that cleans and sanitizes without the use of chemicals. The engineered water destroys all microorganisms and is a powerful biofilm, fiber, and surface control agent used to disinfect and clean virtually any environment. BioSafe Distributors Aqueous Ozone Water is approved by the EPA, FDA, and USDA and is considered GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) as a natural and effective cleaner and sanitizer. Testing on various potentially harmful microorganisms by independent laboratories show >99.999% to >99.99999% reduction in as little as 30 seconds of bacteria and viruses including E.coli, Staph, Salmonella, Listeria, Rotavirus, and Coronavirus.

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