“With the widespread awareness of COVID-19, we needed a solution to disinfect and decontaminate our 27,000 square feet of space in our Athletic Club and Tennis Center.  BioSafe fogged our elliptical/tread mill areas, dance studio, cycling room, aerobic rooms, daycare center, and lobby areas to eliminate any viruses that were present. We’re also using BioSafe engineered water to spot sanitize all high-touch areas such as doorhandles, countertops, exercise equipment, food prep areas, etc. to kill any contaminants on an on-going basis.”

G. Scholl  Vice President of Facilities, Club Greenwood, Denver, CO

“Practically every day we find new ways to use the BioSafe water.  It cleans and sanitizes almost anything without using chemicals!  We’ve seen a significant decrease in the cost of chemicals to clean our hotel, restaurants, and athletic club and it’s safer for our staff and guests”

G. Branum  Director of Facilities, The Houstonian Hotel/Club/Spa, Houston, TX

“We use the BioSafe oxygenated water to sanitize our operatories, as a water source for our equipment used in dental procedures, and as an oral rinse agent for our patients.  In an environment that’s ever-present with bacteria, we’re pleased to have found BioSafe and the protection they deliver”

Dr. Luke Matranga, Matranga Family Dentistry, Omaha, NE

Download the Matranga Family Dentistry Case Study (PDF)

“We are beyond happy with the results. Our staff and patients’ are much more comfortable knowing they are in a bacteria and virus-free environment due to BioSafe’s technology. They just feel better knowing we’re doing what we can to keep them safe.”

Dr. James Flowers, Founder of J. Flowers Health Institute, Texas and California

Industry Case Study

We sat down with Heather Stanek, General Manager of Renaissance Club Sport in Aliso Viejo, CA to get a more in-depth look at her experience with BioSafe in a Health Club environment. Click on each question to read what Heather had to say:


What was the problem/challenge you were facing before the product was introduced?

The challenge is always keeping a clean and sanitized operation, while controlling expenses and promoting safety while using any cleaning/decontaminating products.  Unfortunately, most products on the market are chemical based and can be expensive to purchase.

What were at least two examples of other products you tried to solve the problem? How did those solutions fail?

Chemical based cleaners and disinfectants are what we have been using.  I can’t say that other products failed. They work, in fact they usually work quite well. But they are dangerous. Most cleaners are also concentrated, so if not diluted properly, they become even more dangerous to the user. In my experience the harsh chemicals work, but they are chemicals and all necessary precautions have to be taken to ensure you don’t put the user at risk or even the customers in harms way by contaminating your facility.  BioSafe products, including both the biological fogging solution and the engineered water are safe for both employees and members. It’s just as effective as the chemical cleaners, but without any of the risk.

Note any obstacles to purchasing product. Any reasons you initially rejected the product? Cost, implementation, etc.?

The only reason I could see product rejection is because using the BioSafe products is so different than anything I’ve ever seen. Using tap water to clean? No mixing? No concentrates? Made on site and on demand? 100% safe from eyes, skin, etc.? That pretty much flies in the face of everything I’ve ever known about cleaning and sanitizing. It really is a “have to see to believe” product. But believe me, it does work.

Describe how the product solved the problem. What are two to three important facts about the product?

1. It has cut my chemical cost by probably 75%. I no longer buy any degreasers or solid surface cleaner of any kind. There is no need for it anymore. I basically have an endless supply of cleaner/sanitizer for my entire operation from top to bottom.

2. Safety. You literally CANNOT hurt yourself with this product. Its water. If you get some on your face or in your eyes, it’s just water. No need for MSDS sheets either as there is no chemical to catalog.

3. It works fast and its readily available whenever you need it
. I use the water on my toughest jobs, but we also use it on our most sensitive areas. There isn’t a place in our club that we haven’t used the BioSafe water.  The biological fogging solution provides us with a way to decontaminate the entire club and feel we are keeping our members safe from any viruses or bacteria.

Was the person representing the product especially helpful? Did the company go above and beyond to perform?

The installation of the water unit took about 15 minutes as was producing the oxidized water for our staff immediately.

The biological fogging service and training was comprehensive and very informative.  When we were done, we felt confident we would be able to service our club space on our own.

Use specific numbers to show impact. Any reduction in cost, time, labor, etc.?

As I stated before, we’re saving almost 75% of our costs for cleaning/disinfecting materials using just water.  I would say our cleaning time has probably been cut in half and its more accessible than a traditional cleaner. Also considering there are no chemicals, there is no chance of cross contamination. So, putting together less time for projects and the ability to go from cleaning task to non-cleaning the savings add up quick. Plus, my employees truly love using it, so they enjoy the process more which, in turn, enables them to get more done in less time. A happy workforce is always good for business. The benefits extend well beyond just saving money and time.

Explain how any obstacles were overcome. List any reasons why the obstacles were not as large as originally thought, or why success was worth it.

We had some doubts that using water would be able to clean and disinfect without using chemicals, or hot water, or pressure.  However, when we started using the product, we quickly learned a new way to approach cleaning and disinfecting.  BioSafe allows us to embrace that new way of thinking.

Why you are writing the testimonial?

I’m writing the testimonial because I’m a believer in the product. I think every facility should utilize the technology. It’s truly is second to none.

Why you would recommend the product to others?

It’s changed the way we operate. I never thought cleaning products could have such an impact on our operation. We are saving both time and money, and are operating more safely as a result.  I wouldn’t want do business without it.

Anything else you'd like to share?

The return-on-investment was quick.  When you save 75% of materials costs and 50% of labor costs to clean and disinfect, the units pay for themselves in less than one year.  The other I’d like to mention is the biological fogging is a natural deodorizer and has made our fitness club smell fresh and clean for our members and guests.