Case of HandSafe Hand Sanitizer


HandSafe is ideal for hand sanitation and contains no gelling or thickening agents, no foaming attributes, and no fragrances. It’s made in the USA and is FDA registered. One case of HandSafe Hand Sanitizer includes 4 one-gallon containers.


LIQUID: Ideal for hand sanitization, with no gelling or thickening agents.
REDUCES GERMS: Effective at reducing common harmful germs and bacteria with 80% ethanol, the CDC recommended formulation.
TESTED: WHO Study/Testing indicates a Log Reduction of greater than or equal to 99.9999%
FAST: Quick drying, fast working, leave on hand sanitizer.
4-PACK: Convenient 1-gallon size for retail stores, offices, schools, fitness centers, etc.
FDA REGISTERED: Made in the USA in an FDA registered facility.
SHIPPING NOW: In stock and ready to ship anywhere.

Additional information

Weight 29.25 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in