Healthcare Facility Operations Manager

Overseeing regulatory compliance, codes, and safety protocols


You’re responsible for the daily facilities operations and its related complex issues in a healthcare setting. With an ever-increasing threat of the spread of disease and illness in a healthcare environment, you need to stay on top of emerging solutions to eliminate potentially harmful microorganisms.

Your Industry

Healthcare-associated Infections (HAIs), are proven causes of morbidity and mortality in the U.S. and abroad. They are associated with a substantial increase in health care costs each year with at any one time, 1 out of 25 hospitalized patients affected by an HAI.

Recommended Solutions-See Products Page for Summary and Specifications
Biological Fogging
Aqueous Ozone Fill Stations
EnozoPRO AO Water Spray Bottles
Enozo Ec03Ice-Ice Machine Treatment Units
AO Laundry Machine Units