General Disinfection and Sanitation

Germs Spread Fast. Make Sure Your Disinfection Plan Works Faster.


Germs set up shop on nearly every surface in your workplace, making disinfection and sanitization important responsibilities. Keeping your business looking and smelling clean is one thing, but being clean is another. Don’t stop at aesthetics—take your cleaning routine to the next level with the ultimate disinfection by preventing the spread of germs and creating a safer environment for staff and customers.

Your Need

Have you noticed how easy it is to pick up germs in your office? Work is a great place for sharing bacteria and viruses.

Germs spread quickly from one person to the next, from stomach-churning food poisoning bacteria such as Salmonella, E. coli, Campylobacter and Staphylococcus aureus to viruses like Coronavirus, Norovirus, colds and flu.

Micro-organisms like these don’t normally multiply on your desk or chair without help. They don’t move around unless we do. So, we’re all responsible for transferring germs from one person to the next.

Recommended Solutions-See Products Page for Summary and Specifications
Biological Fogging
Aqueous Ozone Fill Stations
EnozoPRO AO Water Spray Bottles
EnozoWASH Industrial Ozone Sprayer
Enozo Ec03Ice-Ice Machine Treatment Units
AO Laundry Machine Units