Food Safety and Quality Assurance Manager

Ensuring a High Standard of Food Processing Sanitation


Your role of leading the daily management of activities of the FSQA department is critical to your organization. You understand the importance of food processing sanitation and what it takes to be successful in what you do. Always on the lookout for new methods and/or technology is something you take pride in.

Your Industry

Food Safety is a worldwide issue affecting hundreds of millions of people who suffer from diseases caused by contaminated food. The World Health Organization (WHO) calls it “one of the most widespread health problems and an important cause of reduced economic productivity.”

The BioSafe Solution

Simple, effective, and cost effective, the BioSafe Cleaning Solution is produced on demand and on site using only cold water. The BioSafe Solution converts municipal water into a powerful contaminant-removing, bacteria-killing agent that cleans and sanitizes without the use of chemicals. The engineered water destroys all microorganisms and is a powerful biofilm, fiber, and surface control agent used to disinfect and clean virtually any environment.

Products For You

  • Engineered Water

  • Biological Fogging

  • Ice Machine-Disinfecting and Cleaning