June 16, 2022: ESUCC Cooperative Purchasing Program for Nebraska Educational Facilities


Omaha, NE, June 6, 2022 – (BUSINESS WIRE)

Sanzonate Global Inc entered into a Special Buy Agreement with Nebraska ESUCC Cooperative Purchasing Program on April 18, 2022. The three-year contract provides Educational Service Unit (ESU) member school districts in Nebraska an opportunity to secure maximum procurement value through cooperative synergies with companies like Sanzonate. As a contractor, Sanzonate and its Aqueous Ozone products will be available to 17 ESUs that provide a statewide network of educational opportunities to approximately 244 school districts and more than 325,000 students.

“As one of our leading vertical markets, educational institutions are an important part of our sustainable, green solutions business. Being a contractor/provider to the school district members in Nebraska gives us an opportunity to broaden our reach in schools statewide.”

Mike Hanafan, President Sanzonate Global Inc, Omaha, NE

About ESU Coordinating Council (ESUCC):

Nebraska’s ESU Coordinating Council (ESUCC) is a dynamic organization that works closely with each of Nebraska’s seventeen educational service units (ESU). The ESUCC board is made up of an administrator from each unit. Together, the ESUCC provides critical, cost-effective services to Nebraska students, teachers, school leaders and school districts.

About ESUCC Cooperative Purchasing:

In its 5th decade of operation, ESUCC Cooperative Purchasing represents 17 Educational Service Units statewide which in turn service Nebraska school districts with over 325,000 students. We are authorized to coordinate purchases for public school districts, nonpublic school systems, other ESUs, and other public agencies, including any county, city, village, school district, or agency of the state government, any drainage district, sanitary and improvement district, or other municipal corporation or political subdivision of the State of Nebraska.

About Sanzonate Global, Inc:

Sanzonate Global Inc is the most innovative supplier of ozone and aqueous ozone technologies to industries worldwide. The company provides vertically integrated green and sustainable solutions that exceed industry efficacy standards without the use of chemicals.

Sanzonate brings data, science, and technology to its customers for maximum results. Sanzonate’s Aqueous Ozone Water Technology utilizes a patented process of converting potable water into a powerful contaminant-removing, bacteria-killing agent that sanitizes and cleans without the use of chemicals. The engineered water destroys all microorganisms and is a powerful biofilm, fiber, and surface control agent used to disinfect and clean virtually any environment. Sanzonate’s Aqueous Ozone technology is registered and regulated by the EPA, approved by the FDA and USDA, considered GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) as a natural and effective cleaner and sanitizer, and is included in the USDA Organic Program.

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