It’s in the name.

BioSafe products have been deemed safe by government regulatory agencies, independent test laboratories, sustainability organizations, and other programs.

The BioSafe approach to safer, more effective solutions to decontamination, sanitation, and cleaning without using chemicals is recognized as an industry leader by worldwide organizations.

  • EPA Establishment Registration No. 90379-NE-001 for Aqueous Ozone Devices
  • EPA Establishment Registration No. 65001-CO-01 for Solution Parts A & B
    • BioSafe Solution Part A EPA Registration No. 91899-1-97166
    • BioSafe Solution Part B EPA Registration No. 91899-2-97166
  • FDA NDC for BioSafe HandSafe Hand Sanitizer
    • FDA NDC: 90075-001-41 for Gallon Size
    • FDA NDC: 90075-001-08 for Eight (8) Ounce Size
EPA/FIFRA Regulation of Pest Control Devices and Pesticides
FDA Approved Processes and Safety Regulation
USDA/National Organic Program
Product Performance, Safety, and Suitability-for-Purpose
Best Practices for Products & Services in the Green Marketplace
HACCP Effective Control of Food Safety Program