Green Technology and Sustainability

Safely and more effectively sanitize, clean, and deodorize any environment.

At BioSafe, our name says it all. Biologically based products that are not only effective at inactivating harmful pathogens, they do so without the use of chemicals.

What We Do, Naturally


BioSafe’s Biological Fogging Solution will inactivate >99.99999% to non-detectable of the most common bacteria, viruses, molds, and fungi in 10 minutes or less. E. coli, Staph, Listeria, Salmonella, and the Human Coronavirus are just a handful of the more than 300 harmful pathogens we can eradicate.  Our products disinfect WITHOUT THE USE OF CHEMICALS!


Our patented Aqueous Ozone Water significantly lowers the level of bacteria and viruses, typically at a 99.999% efficacy rate, present on surfaces to a safe level as judged by public health standards. We do this in as little as 30 seconds!  And by using just oxidized water, it’s safe for all of us and the environment.


By attacking bacteria and viruses at the cellular level and destroying their DNA, BioSafe’s Fogging Solution and AO Water are all-natural deodorizers. Bacteria is a typical source of odor, and our products penetrate the cell membrane to kill the microorganism, not mask it with scents or perfumes.


Highly oxidized water in the form of Aqueous Ozone, removes germs, dirt, and other impurities from surfaces or objects. The same strong, yet safe “oxidizer” attributes that allow AO Water to sanitize, give it the power to clean virtually anything.

Where We Shine

BioSafe offers safer, more effective approaches to disinfection, sanitation, and cleaning for a broad variety of markets and industries.

  • Schools/Education
  • Fitness/Health Clubs
  • Medical/Dental
  • Hospitality
  • Restaurants/Food Service
  • Animal Care
  • Grocery/C-Stores
  • Office/Real Estate

Case Studies

  • “We were using a variety of chemical-based cleaning agents in our club, hotel, restaurant, and children’s activity center. Our goal was to simplify our processes with an approach that is highly effective and at the same time provides a zero-risk alternative to harmful chemicals. We found BioSafe to be the company that would help us reach that goal. Our staff uses the BioSafe water on exercise equipment, bathroom fixtures, countertops, chairs, walls, floors, food-prep areas, door handles, and more. We literally find new ways to use the oxidized water every day and it’s completely safe.”

    – Heather Stanek, General Manager

    Renaissance Club Sport
  • “Prior to BioSafe, our staff members were using chemical-based chlorides for disinfecting and cleaning our operatories, lobby, offices, break-room, and restrooms. We now have a better way to maintain a bacteria-free environment using chemical-free technology from a company we can trust. BioSafe helps us achieve recommended infection prevention and control practices in a safe, but effective manner. We are always on the look out for new technology that keeps our patients and staff safe from harmful bacteria that’s ever-present in a dental practice and we’re pleased to have found BioSafe.”

    – Dr. Luke Matranga, Owner

    40th & Dodge Family Dentistry
  • “As we searched for options to disinfect and sanitize our resort property, BioSafe came highly recommended from a hospitality partner in the U.S. We were immediately attracted to BioSafe’s non-chemical options that were a perfect compliment to our goal of offering a healthy, eco-friendly experience for our guests. At about 1 penny per gallon, the Aqueous Ozone water is the most affordable solution we could find for cleaning and sanitizing and at the same time we’re reducing 80% of our chemical usage.”

    – Brent Kirkman, General Manager

    Victoria House Resort & Spa